Paper Jam And Print Issue

Paper jam occurs due to various reasons such as taking in the multiple pages at the same time for scanning, poor quality of paper or having a problem in the output area in Printer’s tray. Printing issues occur if there is empty cartridge, no input paper, there may be no internet or Wi-Fi connections or you would have installed some irrelevant printing software which may be fixed as default

Paper Jam And Feed Issue

These issues often occur many of the times if you are careless while using the printer. Since HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer is an advanced product it needs more attention. The feeding paper should be of good quality with neat edges. The guides in the 6968 printer’s tray should be adjusted such that the paper should not bend. Before feeding the paper to the tray, tracing of any bit of papers should be removed. Stack the multiple papers in an order if not arrange and feed.

How to fix the paper jam and feed issue?

Step1: Removing Paper jam

  • First turn off the HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer device and unplug the cord from the printer and from the wall outlet.
  • Ensure that your printer is devoid of power source
  • Now open up the rear access door at the back of the printer and check for the pressure rollers are clean and clear. If needed clean with soft towel with light warm water
  • And then check for its free rolling, if not there may be some bits of paper stuck to it
  • Remove the jammed paper if necessary.
  • Now to the input tray remove and reload the tray. Before reloading ensures that the tray is devoid of damaged papers or any sort of bits present.
  • While feeding the paper does not push be gentle while feeding the papers to the supply tray.
  • Now attach the access door and fix it by inserting suitable pins on the right side.
  • Then supply the current to the printer by connecting power cord with the printer and the Wall Outlet

Step2: Paper jam persist

  • Again open the rear access door and verify the cleanliness of the pressure rollers and replace the access door with care
  • Again unload and reload the paper. While reloading does not push the paper in too far. Stop up to first resistance.
  • There should not be any obstructions while feeding or in the paper path
  • Adjust the guides for the edges up to the limits and the paper should not bend
  • You should not install the paper in a partial way

Step3: Verify the flashlights

  • Light may flash if there is any other problem that does not relate with paper feeds
  • Light flashes may be due to cartridge smash problems
  • So check and replace the ink cartridges
  • Then try to use 6968 printer.

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Print Issue

The print issue is that HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer does not print to the paper that is fed in to it. This is the major problem that most of the printers face. This type of problem may occur due to a paper jam, aging of the printer, due to improper setting of paper or it may be due to inadequate printing ink in the cartridge. But the major issue is due to a paper jam and poor quality of ink. All these problems can be rectified easily if still the problem persists look for a replacement.

How to fix the print issue?

Most of the issue often occurs due to the poor quality of ink cartridges. Let us discuss how to fix the problem below

Step 1: Use high quality of HP ink cartridge product or else printer does not print to the paper. Forgetting Hp cartridges visit 6968 Sure Supply. And follow the onscreen instructions.

Step2: Verify any ink marks on the rear of printouts

  • Ensure that the printer is loaded with fresh paper
  • To the control panel, scroll to select setup and then touch tools
  • Now again scroll up and click clean page smears
  • printer intake the paper and try to print

Step 3: Usage of relevant paper

  • do not load the paper on the non-printing side
  • Paper should be plain enough
  • Use correct paper size based on your project

Step 4: checking ink levels by clicking ink icon. This shows the current ink level status. Make sure that there is no low level. If so replace it with HP ink cartridge.

Step 5: ink cartridge replacing

  • Turn on the HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer and load the plain paper to it.
  • Then carefully remove the lid and the cartridge moves to the middle Wait until the printer is idle and silent
  • Now replace the low ink cartridge and close the setup gently
  • Now the printer automatically prints an alignment page and wait for its full ejection when alignment is over select ok

Step 6: Examine by printing the print quality report.

Step 7: If needed to clean the cartridge and its nozzle and check for the alignment, color quality and see for cartridge warranty.

Step 8: At last align the printer or give for service