Network Connection Error

123 HP printers are an all-in-one printer with many interesting and astonishing features. One of the features in that category is the network setup. You can print your documents effortlessly with the use of network setup. Additionally, you can copy, scan and print documents anywhere and at any time without the need for wired connection.If more than single network prevails in your computer, then install the network setup on your computer for sharing the documents to other devices easily.

Network Connection Issue

While setting up the network, your 123 HP printer may face so many connection issues and those issues are caused due to various factors. It’s really difficult to find the accurate cause for the issues and mainly network issues are caused because of elimination. Additionally, the working of WI-FI and other network devices are stopped because of the variety of software and hardware issues. You can employ the below steps and procedures for resolving the issues.

How to troubleshoot the network and connection problem?

Most common issues that you may encounter while setting up a network includes, An error message may be displayed while connecting with the imaging system of computer may not be detected.The scanning operation may not be available on your device.

Step1:  Restart your printer, computer and the router

For resolving the problem during network setup, you can restart your printer device, router and computer.

  • Initially, unplug the power cord from your device.
  • Turn off your printer and end all the running processes including the installation application and finally shut down your system.
  • Ultimately, turn on your printer and computer. Now, try to install the driver software again on your computer.

Step2:  Ensure the printer and network connection status

Secondly, ensure whether your printer device is ready for initiating network setup.

  • Initially, check whether your device is ready and for checking just click the wireless network settings icon and then ensure whether the light near wireless option is blinking.
  • Similarly, for wired network connection, you need to ensure whether your printer cable is plugged into the Ethernet port of your printer.
  • Also, ensure your printer is connected to the host or guest network.
  • Finally, try to install the software again on your computer.

Step3:  Run the HP scan and print doctor

  • Open the HP scan and print doctor icon, and then select start menu in the main window.
  • Check for the name of your printer in the list and if your printer is not listed then choose “my product not listed” option and select retry menu.
  • Now, choose the name of your printer and click ok.

Step4: Disable all the firewall connections and uninstall the previously installed software.

Step5: Finally, reinstall the software and try printing your documents.

If the issue still persists, then contact our customer service for resolving the issues.

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Printer Hardware Issue

123 HP printers usually require some sort of care and maintenance for achieving efficient performance. Some issues are specific while some other problems are common to all printers. Hardware issues come under the category of common problems and you need to be determined for resolving those issues in your printer device.

How to toubleshoot the printer hardware problem?

For resolving the issues, firstly check the connection, power and loaded paper into your  printer.

  • Ensure, whether your printer is loaded with sufficient amount of paper and check the connection type.
  • Check whether your printer follows wired or wireless connection type and check the ink level of your printer.
  • If your printer device ink level is low, then you can model’s instructions for replacing it with the new one.
  • You can also employ HP print and scan doctor and it’s one of the useful applications that perform various troubleshooting operations for resolving the problems in your printer device.
  • If any paper jam error is encountered in your printer device, you can do the below steps for resolving the issues,
  • Turn off your printer by unplugging the power cord.
  • Now, clear all the jam issues by checking the paper in the printer.
  • After then, paper rollers need to be cleaned for better performance.
  • Finally, reset and service your printer.
  • Turning off your printer device may help in the temporary fixing of the document and in some cases, rebooting your device may reset the printer back to its normal state.

If the issue still persists in your printer, you can contact the HP customer service or HP professionals for ending up with an efficient solution for your problem.