123 HP Eprint And Airprint Setup

AirPrint is a special feature of printing that allows you to wirelessly print your documents and photos directly from your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and any other AirPrint compatible Apple devices that are connected to the same network to which the 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer device is connected. The AirPrint is a special technique that ensures no cables, no wires, and that provides its users with just hassle-free printing experience.

Eprint Setup

HP ePrint is basically a cloud-based service that is basically designed to help to print your document anywhere just with a help of active internet connection. The printing task is quite simple and easy to access with this 123.hp.com/setup 6968 ePrint Setup. For printing your document, you just need to email the photo or the document that you need to print.

Step 1: Check HP ePrint Setup Requirements
Initially, ensure whether the Eprint setup requirements are met by your 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer device for achieving efficient performance.
Step 2: Turn On Web Services
You can turn on the web services by using the embedded web server or printer control panel option. It helps your printer to have a secured communication over the internet.

Step 3: Obtain Printer’s e-mail address
The information page that contains information about web services requires an e-mail address or printer claim code. Just to overcome the delay in printing process obtains e-mail address of the printer.
Step 4: Printing with HP ePrint Setup
Once everything is done, you can print your documents or photos anywhere over the internet.

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Airprint Setup

Air Print Setup is basically used for printing documents wirelessly with the help of sources like iPad, computer, iPhone and iPod Touch. Basically, Air Print is a mobile printing option included with the help of Apple iOS and other mobile related operating systems. For setting up Air print service on your 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer, you need to do three processes namely, setup, install and configuration.

Step1:  Check the Printing Requirements

Step2:  Set up the wireless connection

Before printing your documents, your ho officejet pro 6968 printer needs to be connected either with wireless network connection or with HP wireless direct connection. If your printer is interfaced with the help of USB cable, then you need to employ HP wireless direct connection.

Step3:  Print documents from Apple iOS device

  • Firstly, ensure whether your printer is on and ready to print documents. If your printer is in sleep mode, then tap the on or power button for waking it.
  • Open the file or document or photo or email you need to print and choose action icon or display menu option.
  • Then, click print option based on the type of the file you need to print.
  • If no Airprint message appeared, then move to troubleshooting tips for gaining more information regarding this condition.
  • Click options for changing other settings. Other options may include paper size and so on.
  • Additionally, if your printer is installed with black ink then your printer will not display the options menu.
  • Finally, choose the number of copies you want to print and click print option.
  • Once the print option is clicked, you can print any documents without any interruption using Air print service.

Overall, on following the above procedure you can setup 123.hp.com/setup 6968 AirPrint service in your printer and it’s basically designed to help you in printing documents wirelessly with the help of mobile devices. It’s really easy to use and install. Just follow the above procedure for printing your documents.